Welcome to the Virginia Campaign


Point of Fork promises to be one of the most unique events of not only this year, but of the entire celebration of the 225th Anniversary of the Revolutionary War!

The British will be occupying the village of Columbia (on the north bank of the river), and will be using a portion of an 18th century home as their HQ. The Continental encampment will be on the South Bank of the James River, in Cumberland County. (both camps are connect via the Route 690 bridge). An Advance camp will be located on the Point of Fork itself, and will be accessible via boat only.

In keeping with the actual events of the engagement, the reenactment will occur on either side of the river, and in the river using authentically reproduced 18th Century James River Batteaux.


An actual reenactment of the action at Point of Fork will occur on one day of the event (probably Saturday), with a tactical demonstration on the next. An after-hours, freeform tactical on Saturday is being tentatively planned.

Commanders Pages

Maj. Gen. Steuben
Lt. Col. John Simcoe
Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton

Maps of the Campaign

Map of the Virginia Campaign Acquired by the Library of Congress
by Capitaine du Chesnoy, Michel, 1746-1804, Lafayette’s Cartographer and Aide de Camp

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